Hi Deon,

I am very impressed with both the flying characteristics and the aesthetics of the Legend. I think it would make an excellent dual-purpose aircraft with both training and general flying usage. It was easy to fly, but an honest aircraft. I liked the fact that you needed to use rudder in turns... that is as it should be and makes for excellent training! It was easy to maintain altitude and airspeed in steep turns and lazy-eights were a joy. I also liked the stall characteristics... even thought he stall was benign, you could actually feel the buffet as the air separated from the wing. That was great and again, makes for a very honest training aircraft.

The comfort was outstanding as was the fit and finish. The cockpit was very generous in regard to room... there was none of the Jabiru claustrophobia! The controls were light, but positive... again, a big improvement over our Jabiru. I also liked the panel and the electric trim... and there is also the BRS system!

The airport board is meeting Tuesday evening and one of the topics of discussion will be the purchase of the Legend. I will be there to give a very positive pilot report. Mike Ancona, the board president, was just as impressed as I was. I made a pledge to Mike and to Chris Collins that if the airport would purchase a Legend, I would complete my CFIS certificate as soon as possible. I think we would have more students than we could handle! There have been several informal discussions among the board members about financing the Legend and I am hopeful!

So, I'm very impressed with the Legend and it was my favorite LSA at the exhibition!

Kind regards... and thank you for the demo flight!


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