Legend aircraft presentation

Legend 600 hydroplane

Review about the light sport L 600 aircraft

Legend 600 flying over the sea in Croatia

Legend 600 airplane flying in Romania

Legend floatplane take-off in Finland

Hydroplane Legend 600

Hydroplane Legend 600

Light sport L 600 aircraft

Legend 600 flying in Norway

Legend 600 flying in Scandinavia

Light sport L 600 aircraft

Legend flying over Double Island Point

Legend Over The Lake

Lightning Ridge

Flying the amphibious Legend floatplane in Mauritius

Legend 600 flying above the ocean beach in Guatemala

Outback Adventure Flight

Watts Bridge To Dingo

Gold Coast

Interview with the director of Aeropilot (in Czech)

Demonstration of production, flight characteristics, exterior and interior design of the ultralight Legend 540 aircraft (in Czech)

How is flying the ultralight Legend 540 (in Czech)

Amphibious Legend 540 flight over the river

Take-off and landing of the amphibian Legend

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