Try Piloting

Do you dream of flying? Would you like to fly an ultralight aircraft?

Go as a pilot to the clouds in the LEGEND aircraft of Aeropilot Ltd.!

The pilot price for the test is 1 hour of theoretical preparation, which includes familiarization with the aircraft, flight training, familiarization with the training syllabus and 20 minutes of flying in the new sport two-seater aircraft LEGEND only for 3 300 CZK with VAT.

You will try hand-flying, direct flights, climb, descent, turns, take-offs and landings. All this under the supervision of an experienced flight instructor, who will take control at any time (ultralight LEGEND has left and right driving).

We fly at Zbraslavice airport, for flying with LEGEND we offer individual approach and dates according to your time possibilities. We fly 5 days a week, anytime in daylight (from sunrise to sunset). It is not possible to make a flight in bad weather.

The LEGEND is equipped with a new Rotax engine, analogue, navigation and communication devices and a comfortable interior in a very spacious cabin. The Ultralight Legend is a comfortable, stable and easy-to-use high-wing aircraft that, thanks to its excellent flight characteristics, easy and safe operation, is also suitable for beginners.

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